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Tuhrop was very suprised to hear vocal speech from a geth. There had to be atleast a few people in the galaxy, aside from the Krogan, that interacted with a Geth to this much detail. Afterall, it was widely known that they only communicate through beeping and static noises.

Tuhrop lowered his weapon. He continued gazing at the Geth.

"Why have you come here?"

__________________________________________________ __

Tom knealt down and reached for Chirons box of medical supplies. He opened it and fumbled around the mess of bandages and medigel. He pulled out a tube what was labelled "Epinephrim" - artificial adrenilin.

"Will this work?" Tom knew very little about medicine.

"Krogan, you must work fast...if this puncture wound is what I think it is...then she has virtually killed herself....unless we help her within the next...well...I suppose, the next few minutes."

Tom looked abit sheepish. "Chiron, this is Frank. Frank, this is Chiron. We'll get acqainted later..."

Tom was facing a major dillemna - they knew nothing about this girl. All they knew is that she was on the run from Eclyspe Mercenaries and Chess Tournament Organisers - strange combination. Was bringing a stranger aboard the ship a good idea.

"Tuhrop is going to kill me..." he sighed. "We'll do what we can now, and get her to the Valkyrie's medical bay. I dont think now is the time to find a near by clinic."
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