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Flashes. Black and red. Simultaneous heat and cold. Dizzy. So dizzy...

Quirinius V'tala groaned and slowly opened her gum-encrusted eyes. Her head was pounding like a thousand pneumatic riveters trying to drill for deposits in a platinum mine. Sweat was glistening in all of her pores, and her normally smooth and dry skin now felt positively amphibious. What was happening? The Underworld Cantina and its fleeing patrons swam in a blurry haze all around her. What was happening? Could she even be hallucinating?

"Ugggghhhh..." The asari inclined her winged head slightly upward. "Where...where am I?" She had dim memories of a chess tournament, and of losing. All the rest of her life had become an unrecognizable blur.
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