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"I wish to know more about Project Genesis. I was unable to hack into the files,"

Tuhrop blinked. It knows about the Cerberus Vessel. And the only way this mobile platform Geth could know about the data, then it would have to have been onboard the vessel during or after the salvage.

"You have nothing to fear drell. The geth that attacked the citadel now share the true geth's beliefs. The true geth do not wish to harm organics."

"Are you saying there are two factions of geth out there?" Tuhrop pressed on. Tuhrop suddenly held onto his side, and began coughing blood. "<cough> sorry. Had a little encounter with a maniac wielding a sniper rifle. I need to get to the medbay."

He stood by and stared at the Geth. He was not sure how to deal with it. Or, more of a case of whether to believe it. They didnt have the best reputation around the galaxy.

"Send our "guest" to the brig... We'll deal with it later." he stopped for a minute. "Oh yeah, and we may want to get airborn as soon as the others arive. I dont want that assassin knocking on our door any time soon."

__________________________________________________ _______

"My apologies for being rude, but this asari comes first. You seem knowledgeable in what she's taken. You're more than welcome to assist me once we get aboard the Valkyrie,"

"C'mon." Tom urged. "Hopefully the epinephrim will give us enough time to deliver her to the medbay for proper treatment."

And so they left the club, with Chiron holding the Asari girl and the mysterious "information broker" following behind. Incase things did not work out with the Broker Tuhrop had visited, there was always no harm with a second opinion.

They soon arived at the docking bay. Civilians passed by, exchanging strange glaces at them. Amongst the many starships they ran by, they soon arived at the sight of light freighter starship - with the name "Valkerie" printed on the outer shell. They arived at the airlock door - they could see it was under lockdown. Tom switched on his omni-tool and accessed the cellular network.

He gave Thiyan a call. "Thiyan, this is Tom. We have an emergency, and we would really really love it if you could open the door for us. Uhh... please?"

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