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Updated my journal

Originally Posted by Sith Holocron View Post
I was thinking a month wasn't too long . . . in this thread.

On a more serious note: I'm looking forward to the eventual releases - especially of the Rhen Var stuff!
Thanks! I’m looking forward to it being done, too.

Originally Posted by newbiemodder View Post
great update DI..keep up the good work
Thank you!

Originally Posted by Dak Drexl View Post
I think the Jian looks great - one of my favorite sword models actually. As for the sword of Gith, are you planning on putting any shaders back on it? I can't really tell from the screenshots because in the largest picture it looks pretty plasticy, but in the picture on the top right it looks good.
It does have metal shaders on it, though those screenshots didn’t show that too well. Hopefully the screenshots in the release thread will show that better.

And the Tatooine Arena would be a very welcome addition to my override. I've been looking for an excuse to play through kotor 1 again anyway. All in all, awesome work!
Thank you! Hopefully it’ll be fun to play through, too.

Originally Posted by Quanon View Post
Lovely, just lovely, its always great to see this thread pop-up
I can say the same about your WIP thread, too.

Ca,'t say much more, but I'll just go a head and repeat myself:
Show spoiler

Christ, I need to install XP back, so I can continue with my own projects...
I see you got round to that. Now you just need to keep up the good work.

Oh, do you have a certain method on how you start working on the dialogue-plot writing. How do you handle it?
Cause I've seen you talk about that in many threads. And I just wondered how the great arch-fiend, emperatous does it himself

Perhaps compile a list with usefull tips and such?
Er. Good question.

More seriously...

I usually start with a fairly basic idea. For Rhen Var, it started out with looking at Atris’ academy, and thinking “you could make an ice planet out of this...”, and remembering
Rhen Var’s role in that Gamecube game (can’t remember the name of it). In that game, you visited the tomb of Ulic Qel-Droma, too. So I started off by ripping off something else from another Star Wars game.

So: the high-point of the mod is going to the tomb. But you can’t make things that easy, because it’s just not satisfying for the player. There needs to be more happening on the planet. The tomb also makes for a good reason for the Exile to go there.
At first, I thought maybe there was an archaeological expedition, but when I checked,

Rhen Var is actually on (or near) the Perlemian Way (sp?), which is one of the major trade routes in the SW galaxy. So that gave me a place for the player to land, and a stage for the plot to play out on, before you get to the tomb. You needed to know where it was, and get access to a shuttle to get there.

Well, who is going to work at a trade outpost? The most important person will be the executive officer type person, followed by the local security officer. At first, my plot for the ‘outpost’ part of Rhen Var was that you would do a lot of tasks for different people, sort of like Dxun. But that’s really just filler, not a plot.

So... what if there was tension between the executive officer and the security chief? Now there’s potential for an interesting situation, but also for player choice to affect the plot. I don’t want to give too much away about Rhen Var’s plot, so I’ll leave it at that...

Once I have the rough outline of what the planet is about (Outpost-->Tomb), I work on its theme. Since TSL is all about themes, it seems best not to suddenly have them drop out like a rock.

Writing websites are probably better to go to than me for discussion of themes, TBH. I try and keep them related to the game’s own themes, too, to keep a sense of continuity.

By this stage I usually have various roles for characters to fill, sometimes including the actions they’ll need to take. Obviously, what they’re going to do informs their personalities and back-stories to some extent. Once I have a basic idea for what they do (a Dark Jedi, for example), I try and include some balancing characteristics, so they aren’t too one-dimensional (perhaps our Dark Jedi is motivated by anger we can relate to. Anger at slavery, for example. Or at the Republic’s inaction, or something.). And then I try to work out how they got to where they are now, psychologically as much as geographically. Most of that I probably won’t use in the game, but it helps me to picture how they’ll answer questions, or react to things, and what they’ll say and how they’ll say it.

As a rule, I prefer to make sure characters are more grey morally.
And that’s more or less how I plotted Rhen Var.
Rhen Var is really the only project I’ve (more-or-less) finished plotting to date, so I’m still working this out myself. I hope that’s helpful.

Originally Posted by Qui-Gon Glenn View Post
Hehehe... I thought you might have been working a little more than you were letting on
Well, I can’t leave a thread like this without some surprises.

Nice all the way around, a pleasure to see new pics and a little behind-the-scenes. I am glad you state how important the value of well planned, written, and consistent dialog is to overall quality. It is, IMO, the most important part of an RPG game's mod. Without story, I'd rather go play TFU and hack'n'slash...
Thanks! I agree about hack’n’slash, and I think it’s also important to give the player some choices in how the plot plays out, too.

By the way, I was teasing you with something I mentioned via PM... and you never called me a fool for it! The Steam Chamber in the Sith Base is not a part of my diabolical plans
D’oh! >_<

Originally Posted by jonathan7 View Post
With regards "Sword of Gith", not sure if it's been mentioned but you may wish to add some more texture to the blade, or consider the shade of silver that's currently used, it doesn't quite seem like metal to me atm. A further thought... Is it a brand new weapon, or an older one? If older perhaps some wear to the blade would improve it's appearance?
It does have a texture, but KotOR/TSL seemingly only show texture variation if it’s made amazingly obvious to the eye. On the wear-and-tear, in NWN2 it seems to be magically new-looking (it even has sparkles which I couldn’t be bothered to model... ).

Looks good, I think the two handed look does just about work, although perhaps this particular sword may look best dual weilded. Regardless I DO really like this sword Again perhaps some investigation on the texture of the blade may provide extenuate the model more.
Possibly. TBH, though, I just got sick of it in the end . Thanks for putting it up, btw.

The cross of Atris academy and Sharen Thrawns skybox looks good... Obviously the blue screen would need to be removed.
Thanks! Yes, the blue thing would need moving. I’m not really sure what I’d use this module for, though. It looks pretty, but it’s a bit pointless, in truth. I suppose I could replace the game’s council scene... but that’s a fair amount of work for very little result, really.

Tatooine looks really good, you do any custom skins for those you fight in the arena?
Thanks! I’m planning to do some custom skins, but I haven’t got to them, yet.

Originally Posted by Schutta View Post
To: Darth Insidious

I noticed last time I was on Telos polar plateau, the characters (Exile, Kreia, Atton) had visible frosty breath.
Maybe there is some way to replicate that in cold areas. I did some searches here on Lucas Forums and found nothing related.
Sorry for bugging you if this cannot be done, or if you already know about it.
Not a problem, and a good point; I hadn’t noticed that they weren’t breathing frostily, to be honest. I’ve begun looking into it, but I don’t have any clear solution yet. I’m currently looking into a possibility, though to be honest, it’s pretty low among the priorities for Rhen Var.

So... it’s been a while since my last post in this thread, and this is probably going to be my last post of the year here. Overall, it’s not been too bad a year – there have been several updates despite prolonged computer trouble, after all.

Rhen Var still isn’t complete, and to be honest, anyone yearning desperately would be better off giving up on the mod. It’ll be completed, but the one thing which is clear about it is that we’re in for the long haul with it.

That’s not to say, however, that I haven’t made progress. But in terms of implementing the plot, it’s slow-going. I’ve had to abandon my attempts to keep all repeated lines out of the mod, simply because there’s no way to keep that up and ever have any hope of getting it done. It’s moving forward, but very, very slowly.
With that said...

In terms of updates, I have a new sword using the jian model you all were so kind about. I could tell you a little about it, but I’ll leave the sword’s history and origin as a surprise :

The downside to revealing this I suppose is that it shows how cheaply I recycle bits from one texture to another.

More seriously, I haven’t yet decided how many of these weapons will be on sale on Rhen Var and how many will be in the hands of your enemies. But this Jian brings the number of melee weapons in the mod up to four, which is pretty good going.
There are also three very dodgy old lightsaber hilts as well, which I should remodel sometime, which would bring that up to seven. Whether that’s enough, I don’t know. I’ll see how many more weapon models I can find that are within my ability and aren’t going to look horrible. Most of the weapon model editing happens when I get sick of dialogue writing.

I’ve also built my first (actually successful) blaster model. Ever. So I’m naturally quite happy about that.

It’s still being UV-mapped, but this will probably be the weapon of choice for security guys on Rhen Var. My little joke, and maybe a spoiler, too . I don’t know if I can get it to fire quite like it did in the film, but I can say I intend for it to have green blaster bolts.

And finally, the Tatooine arena. As you can see, a fight is in progress. In terms of updates, this is more or less just an announcement that I now have (thanks to the ever-brilliant stoffe) a working OnDeath script for the arena. What this means is that instead of it being game over when you lose a fight, your character will “die”, a dialogue will play, and your PC will “wake up” back in the atrium area, just like in the Taris arena. If that sounds simple enough, it isn’t, at least because NWScript refuses to ever do what it’s asked to in a straightforward manner. I’m pretty sure this is what has in the main stopped more arena mods being made, so I’m pretty pleased with myself to have managed that, albeit with much invaluable assistance from stoffe.

I’ve also done a little research into the business of swoop upgrades. It’s interesting that neither game has the full set of requirements to make this work. TSL has the script function to bring up the screen, and the .2da with the relevant upgrades in it, and KotOR has the GUI elements for that screen. I’ve been trying to come up with replacement elements and slowly have been getting there, but large parts of the GUI seem to not be functional, and I have no idea yet whether the upgrades would have effect even if you implemented them. Much of the GUI clearly needed revising, in any case. No screenshots, I’m afraid, but I thought you’d all be interested in that.

You may note that there’s no Sword of Gith in this thread, and if you have, that’s because I finally released it (see TUCE). See, I do release things that appear in this thread... sometimes... . More seriously, I got so fed up with tweaking the texture that I decided to put the thing out there, as I don’t think I would have improved it much with it sitting about for another couple of months waiting to be updated.

My access to the internet is pretty erratic at the moment, and given the time of year it’s pretty difficult to ensure that you have the time to get online anyway, so I’ll take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year (assuming this post goes up before both of those... ).

Nevertheless, as always your feedback, criticism, comments, questions, quibbles and deposits of cadmium are gratefully accepted, and I hope to get back to you soon.

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