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Originally Posted by Darth InSidious View Post

Iíve also built my first (actually successful) blaster model. Ever. So Iím naturally quite happy about that.

Itís still being UV-mapped, but this will probably be the weapon of choice for security guys on Rhen Var. My little joke, and maybe a spoiler, too . I donít know if I can get it to fire quite like it did in the film, but I can say I intend for it to have green blaster bolts.

Will you find it on Tatooine because that's certainly a "Sandman's" gun? Hopefully my life-clock won't run out before I find it.

Just so people know what you mean by "I donít know if I can get it to fire quite like it did in the film," I've attached a picture to illustrate the effect.

(That darn thing did shoot out green flame in real life.) I hope you can get the muzzle flashes to cooperate though!

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