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Wow, thank you for the kind words! Yes, Fate of Atlantis is definitely a labor of love, and I hope it shows in the finished product. It's also gratifying when readers notice the research that I've put into a story (and believe me, I've definitely had my work cut out for me on FOA!). The decision to focus on the nuclear arms race was very intentional, believe me. After all, the plot device is at the core of Hal Barwood's brilliant storyline. Unfortunately, the ominous gravity of the situation was glossed-over in favor of pacing for the game. But I felt that it was essential to restore the sense of danger for dramatic purposes in the novelization, and it makes the narrative stronger, I think.

Indy and Sophia's chemistry is a result of playing FOA practically hundreds of times over the years, while the tone and style of the story are the product of my devotion to the official Indiana Jones novels, which I've also read countless times since the early 90's.

EDIT: chapter 16 is complete, and this one has it all: adventure, intrigue, a dash of humor, and a dramatic ending to rival any cliffhanger scene in the Indy books or movies! The remainder of the story will be posted when the novel is finished (due to the complexity of the Atlantis portion). I know it will be a tough wait, but well worth it when you see the final product.

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