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"You have nothing to fear drell. The geth that attacked the citadel now share the true geth's beliefs. The true geth do not wish to harm organics."

Thiyan hesitated, then slowly lowered his rifle. He listened to the next exchange, then nodded, and was going to take the Geth to the brig as Tuhrop commanded, but his pager beeped.

"Thiyan, this is Tom. We have an emergency, and we would really really love it if you could open the door for us. Uhh... please?"

Thiyan smiled a small smile and replied "As good as done". He jogged to the door control, and opened it. The door hissed open, and in came Tom Ulrich, accompanied by several others, including an asari and a human. Thiyan stared then raised an eyebrow at Ulrich.

"Our crew will soon be the most diverse in the galaxy. First a solo Geth, now an asari and another human!" He grinned, slighly humourlessly. This trip was getting much more complicated than he had hoped.

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