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"Not bad, but I certainly hope you can do better than that. Let's see what you can really do,"

Zarela started laughing and then suddenly looked down as a Kunai knife erupted from her stomach. She turned and around and smiled at Karela. "Nice try little girl, but that won't work."

The kunai wound began to heal itself even as Zarela grabbed Karela and threw her into the forest with a good amount of force. Karela shouted out in pain and anger as she slammed into a person who had his or her back turned to her, sending them both down to the ground.

"She's so much stronger then the last time Takai fought her, I'm not even sure if Takai can even beat her." She muttered as she got back up to her feet and then looked down at the hooded figure. The hood fell away from her face and beneath her mask Karela gasped.

"Asuka? What are you doing here?"

Zarela laughed and looked over at Takai and studied him for a moment. "I think I'm going to enjoy making you suffer. After all, I remember what you did to me the last time we fought."

Zarela got behind Takai before he could even blink and grabbed him by the head and slammed his body into a large tree and then kicked him up into the air again and she then made another series of handsigns.

Fire Release: Grand fireball jutsu!

A massive fireball erupted from Zarela's mouth and engulfed Takai as he hit the ground. Zarela then made another series of handsigns. Earth style: Earth Coffin jutsu.

A large amount of rocks and earth formed around Takai and surrounded him. Zarela smiled and grabbed an exploding kunai knife. "Now...Let's see you get out of that." She smirked.
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