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Takai watched as Karela threw a kunai knife at Zarela. Takai was surprised by this, after all he was in no way her friend...or did she think Zarela was the bigger threat? Takai was somewhat insulted by the thought of that.He watched as the wound was healed just as quickly as it was on Zarela.

Instantaneous Healing?...Isn't that lovely

Takai suddenly found himself being smacked around by Zarela. He was about to spring up and attack when he was surrounded by earth.

"Now...Let's see you get out of that."

The earth tomb that Takai was now encased in began to shake violently.


A large black snake broke through the tomb and attacked Zarela head on. The snake slammed Zarela into a tree and then flung her up into the air. Takai jumped out of the dirt and dusted himself off.

"Its been such a long time since I've had this much fun. You've been such a good sport during all this. I think I'll actually use some of my abilities on you."

Takai made a few hand seals and smirked at Zarela.

"Nightmare Release: Nightmare Summoning Jutsu!" This was an improved technique of Yoroi's. As oppose to just summoning something the opponent fear, Takai could go much further.
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