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Originally Posted by Salzella
"Our crew will soon be the most diverse in the galaxy. First a solo Geth, now a black Asari!"
((Sorry Salzella, but the black asari you speak of is Rex's character, Selia, who is already an established crewmember aboard the ship, thus your character would know her. Tysy's character is a normally pigmented asari - from what I understand - just thought I'd let you know so you could make the proper adjustments, etc.))

Kallic had finished his shopping for the day and was currently on his way out of the markets when he heard a crackle come over his Omni-Tool's pager interface.

"'I need you here. Underworld Cantina, near the entrance.'" Was the message he'd intercepted from his crewmate Tom, it appeared outbound for another of his crewmates, Chiron. Kallic may get sucked up into his own world sometimes, but he was always keeping a watchful eye on his comrades and he could be counted on in any situation.

"Mmm, intriguing, Tom needing Chiron's assistance could mean trouble, should hurry and see if they need help," Kallic surmised to himself, wading through the market he spotted Selia and approached her, surprisingly she wasn't in trouble.

"Received message from friend-Tom, suggest getting to the ship in case we're in need of a quick takeoff Selia, could be trouble not caused by you," Kallic suggested to the black pigmented asari engineer before heading off towards the Underworld Cantina. Once at the location however, Kallic found that nobody was there. The salarian surveyed the area for any indication as to what had happened though he only came across a discarded syringe, using his Omni-Tool he scanned it for any sign as to what it was, and thus giving him the answer to "Why was it there?"

"Hmm, muscicide highly evident, bad-cheap kind too, atropixenine traces too, would say fifty-forty split. Accounts for ninety percent of the dosage, what other ten?" He mused for a bit before activating his genetic instruments. "Traces of asari DNA, hm, wouldn't explain who it was; not Selia, just saw her, but would say why Tom needed Chiron. Probably back at ship, might need to get back myself before they leave me....Again." Kallic shook his head and hoisted his bought supplies, placing the syringe in a secure place he headed for the docks.

Kallic got to the 'Valkyrie' to find the door ajar - in effect, that is - he must not have been too far behind the others. The Salarian entered the vessel posthaste and headed for the engineering bay where he could drop off his supplies in his above study and scan the syringe more thoroughly.

Unfortunately his efforts in deducing the last ten percent were unfruitful, so he proceeded to head to the medbay where he could use some of Chiron's equipment and even get some of his help. Kallic wasn't the proud sort, he knew when he could use assistance, even from a Krogan doctor; not only that but he trusted in his friend's expertise. Upon arriving, however, he found a surprise, an Asari, most likely the one who used the syringe in question.

Kallic approached Chiron from behind, noticing the Asari stir.

"Father?" The Asari croaked, coughing as she came-to. "Am this I dead?"

"Not quite," Kallic said flatly moving up to the side of the medbay table the Asari lay on. "And I've never known Chiron to have children, none he's spoken of at least, he's certainly fatherly enough though. Perhaps illegitimates might come to mind, but haven't known Chiron for "getting around" either."

Kallic grinned slightly in his cold amphibious way before turning his attention to Chiron, handing him the syringe. "Found it at the scene, nice loud traces of Asari DNA on it, assume it's hers, know what was in it, but worried, ten percent is unaccounted for, can't get a fix on it with regular scans; own Omni-Tool's genetic instruments on the blink, can't work my study's instruments without it working either, need your equipment, and most definitely your skills, Chiron."

"But never know, might just be water for all we know," he continued, glancing down at the Asari on the table. "Can never be too careful, though."

Kallic turned back to the Asari with a calculating gaze, scanning over her body with his Omni-Tool then asked plainly, "What happened to her anyways? Looked like firefight at the Cantina, must assume it happened because of her. Thought there was chess tournament there - was planning on joining when done shopping - can't imagine docile game like chess could turn so brutal; what, was it run by a senile Salarian like myself?"

Kallic's comments and questions came in an unending stream of speech only stopped by the fact that he was reading the results of his scan - and chuckling at his last remark; many of his words were meant as a joke to his friend Chiron, not knowing he might be saying things not too far from the truth, or how that might affect the situation.

((Hooray for poorly structured posts!....Whatever.))

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