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"What happened to her anyways? Looked like firefight at the Cantina, must assume it happened because of her. Thought there was chess tournament there - was planning on joining when done shopping - can't imagine docile game like chess could turn so brutal; what, was it run by a senile Salarian like myself?"

Tuhrop was sitting on the bench, with a blood stained metal tray holding a bullet and tweasers laying beside him. He watched the scene take place as he applied the medigel over his wound.

"I think the real question is..." Tuhrop begun, staring at the comatose Asari and the human with the walrus moustache. "Is who are these people and what are they doing aboard my ship? As if a geth on board wasnt enough."

There was silence. Tom was the one who broke it. "...We have a geth on board?"

"I think you're avoiding the question." Tuhrop enforced. "... sorry, I was chased by some Sniper-wielding lunatic throughout the markets. He killed the information broker I met, and I barely escaped with my life. Its obvious that data is more trouble than its worth: and worst of all, we know absolutely nothing about it."

He stood up from the table, and disposed of the medical waste. "We have to get airborn ASAP, before that sniper could conjure up another crude method of execution: like planting a bomb on the hull of our ship!"
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