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(thanks Master_Archon )

Thiyan walked the Geth to the ship's brig, pistol in hand. He had a distrust of machines that went beyond merely the threat the Geth represented, and even though he knew it wasn't entirely rational, he was still distinctly uncomfortable.

"Ship, V.I... whatever, prepare yourself against hacking attempts. Geth are the most technologically advanced race I know, and it would probably pay to be cautious."

Thiyan turned to the Geth, and nodded into the open room. "I can't force you, the gods know, but if you seek this 'Genesis', and you really do wish co-operation with organics... then I think it would be for the best if you stayed here until Tuhrop decides what to do with you..." Thiyan shrugged.

He turned to go, but hesitated. "Even if you did try to escape or fight... once we're airborn we can't escape either way. Do you want to stay here, and avoid disturbing the crew further? Or do you want to sit in on the discussions?" Thiyan raised an eyebrow the inscrutable machine.

"Your choice".
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