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Happy Holidays!
Since tomorrow is Christmas (at least for people who celebrate it, [assuming this goes through the system before tomorrow]) and, in true spirit I have come down with some sort of flu (for the fourth year an a row [I'm getting better though]), I decided to write up a little Christmas-eve update! Alas, I cannot give you some sweet background hand-painted by me (I'm terrible at any sort of hand-drawn art anyways), since I only though to write this update about oh... well, five minutes ago to be honest. Now you must be thinking, oh god he's rambling, how much of this garbage do I have to scroll through? Well, its the Holiday season, dammit, so I'm entitled to ramble, that said, I'll cut straight to the point and spare you my semi-crazy spew of tosh (did I mention that I have some sort of flu).

The Beta For the Beta
Yes, I know that we said we'd release the beta at Christmas (well, officially we didn't, but we sort of hinted at it), and I also know that we (and be we, I mean I) said that we couldn't make the deadline, and that we'd release some sort of weapons pack for Christmas with the beta following in mid-January. BUT, we had a stroke of genius/procrastination! Instead of a weapons-pack, we decided to release the Prologue of the beta (which has one playable level), as a Holiday gift. It should go live Dec. 25, 2010, unless Hockey goofs like he did last year. (Hockey, PLEASE make the deadline this year... please...)

Take A Picture It'll last Longer...
Ok, so after looking at some detailed statistics, our images section is vastly more popular than any other section of this website. Getting about double the hits of the main page. So, taking that into account, I've devised a little system to cash in on this. I call it: badgering the community to take screenshots of the Beta! If, for example, you take some sort of amazing picture of the beta (or use your elite hacker skills to make forge one), you can post a link in the comments, and if we like it we'll put in in the image ticker. We might even hand out candy, but no promises. One thing we will hopefully hand out is some additional Holiday content.

Seeya 'round!

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