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"I'll show you true fear then...Dark Release: Inhaling Maw!"

Zarela watched calmly as Takai grabbed her by the throat and began to drain her. "This isn't going to work you know. Because I have one thing that you don't have."

"Lightning Release: Lightning destruction!"

A massive streak of blue lighting slammed into Takai and sent him flying away from her. Another masked shinobi dropped to the ground next to Zarela and pulled her to her feet. Zarela looked down at Takai and smiled.

"I have allies."

"Are you alright?" The second masked shinobi asked as Karela ran to the battle site. Zarela smiled at her as she threw a handful of kunai knives that Zarela easily dodged.

That's so familiar.

Zarela smiled at both Karela and Takai before vanishing into the tree as she headed for where the remaining samurai were located. The second masked shinobi stared at both Karela and Takai for a moment before vanishing as well.

Karela looked Takai over for a moment before dropping her hand toward her kunai pouch.

"Takeda...I really hope you can hear me right now. I don't want to have to hurt you but if you don't wrestle back control from Takai I might have to."
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