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Originally Posted by Alexrd View Post
Irrelevant. In fact, the port was made by both LucasArts and Aspyr, that's why the tech support is in LucasArts hands now.

There's a difference between a bad port and a bad game. TFU was a bad port due to the lack of optimization, which doesn't mean it's a worse version than the consoles. On TFU2, there was indeed a difference, both in graphics and glitches. The PC is one of the plataforms where the game was meant to be played. If that doesn't happen, it's LucasArts fault, not the costumer.
Ah, did not know that. You sure did your research.

The development process for the consoles and PC version were different. The consoles were made strictly by Lucasarts, but the PC was done by Aspyr, with LA overseeing its development, just as they did with the Wii version, they oversaw its development. That would generally make the versions that weren't LA's main focus the "side-projects" for lack of a better description.

The following information may be irrelevant to some, but here's a case where it WOULD be the customer's fault. Alright, saw someone has a PC, and a 360/PS3. TFU2 comes out. They know the risk involved with getting the PC version that it may not be compatible with their specs, but it's a 100% guarantee that it will work on their 360/PS3. So when the day comes when they must decide which one to get, they get the PC version. They come home to realize that it doesn't work with their PC. In general, without listing the possible circumstances that may be missing from the description of this case, I'd say it's the customer's fault.

My question to you all...why did this thread/argument get revived?

"All too easy."
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