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Lyna looked up at Cade quietly. Maybe he was right. She couldn't replace the old Lyna. She must've been really important to Cade. And what was she? Just a clone. A copy. A fake...

"I... I understand. If you really want to help, you can. I don't mind. But if you change your mind, I won't hold it against you." Lyna smiled sadly and turned around and walked back to her ship.


Tino looked down and thought about it. Then he smiled warmly. "It would be nice to see the clone of Lyna. Let me go with you guys." "Tino!" JoJo said.

The little boy glanced at his cousins and grandmother. He looked up at Halana. "Gran-Gran? I'm growing up and stronger than before. I want to prove to you guys that I can do this. Little people can do big things too." He looked back at Xan. "That's why I'm going with you."

Saluna looked at Tino and smiled. She placed a gentle hand on his shoulder. "Me too." She looked at Myzu and Halana. "Grandmother? Myzu? May you let us go, while you stay to keep our Ysanna family safe?"
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