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Originally Posted by TKA-001 View Post
The Starkiller we follow in the story was grown in a vat.
Do we know that? The first time we see him is when Vader releases him from his stint in the cell where he'd been without food or water (and not for the first time either).

For whatever reason, he's being tormented by the original one's memories, but that isn't evidence that he's special, since the other clones all went through the same thing.
Again, do we know that? The only source for this information is Vader, and he lies a lot.

The only thing that sets this one apart is that he actually managed to escape Vader.
Ah, but did he? Given that TFU2 ends without a conclusion, my guess is the story is essentially the same as in TFU1 - Starkiller seems to break free of Vader only for it to be reavealed that he's unwittingly done exactly what Vader wanted him to. In the case of TFU2+3 that would be getting Vader and a loyal clone to the secret Rebel base. In the canonical light side ending the rebels have no idea the dark clone even exists. It's fairly logical to assume that he stowed away on board the Rogue Shadow in order to follow his master, so once they arrive all he needs to do is set Vader free and between the two of them they can tear the Rebel base apart.

My personal theory is that cloning gets exponentially more complicated if Force-sensitivity is involved, such that for whatever reason, clones of Jedi have some sort of link to the original's memories (since as you said, Jango's clones seemed fine).
If we take Vader's word for it, it's due to the accelerated cloning process. Jango clones grew at only twice the normal rate and appeared to be educated in a relatively convenional manner. Starkiller clones apparently take only a few months to fully mature.
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