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Well, my goal, as it stands, is to complete one chapter per month, finishing the book in April or May. Since I've been writing material for the Atlantis portion from the start of the project (June 2009), I already have one hell of a jump on it. Last week, I drafted a 2-page outline to organize everything, and it seems to work out really well. *fingers crossed*

So yes, read the Star Wars novels first, and then move onto FOA. Many of the chapters are rather lengthy, so it should keep you occupied for awhile, depending on how quickly you blaze through it. Still, any wait that must be incurred between now and the final 'publication' next year will be rewarded with a fantastic finale, I promise.

Happy reading!

UPDATE: Here is the beginning of chapter 17, so my faithful readers won't be left hanging for the next 4 months, worrying about our intrepid hero! So don't say that I never did anything nice for you guys!

Sophia Hapgood does my bidding.

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