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Originally Posted by Sordid Dreams View Post
I hated the Jedi Temple level. Yes, it was very nice from an aesthetic point of view, but I found it a little disgusting in a very Vatican-esque way with its classical columns and statues. In both you have a philosophy that supposedly promotes modesty and self-restraint, and yet its leaders build these monumental, richly decorated, and extravagantly expensive edifices for themselves.
Well, both in Star Wars and real life, you don't see jedi or priests with many possessions (of course there are exceptions). And in the case of the Jedi Temple, it's the house of 10,000 people from their order, among other things. Therefore, you do need a big place. And there are no superfluous objects within the temple, as far as I know.

About the Vatican, that's a discussion for another topic.

Anyway, it was a good level...

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