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Pawn Endgame

Summary: It's been his obsession for so long. In the belly of the Trayus Academy, he finally acts on it, and the Exile is his next target. Atton's, Mical's, and FemExile's POVs. Atton/Exile.

A/N: Wow, it's been a looooong time since I've posted here...

Anyway, howdy-do! I come bearing a major rewrite of my KOTOR2 fanfic "Consumed", which was posted here in 2008. I felt that the fic hadn't reached its full potential, and the feeling bothered me to the extreme, so in early 2009 I set out to realize that potential. The following version was completed in early 2010. I am now reasonably content (though after a grueling year of history, literature, and philosophy papers I could definitely improve upon this version as well... but NO! *slaps her hand away from the keyboard* THIS MUST END).

What's in the rewrite? Well, expect to see Mical's POV (gasp!), flashbacks that explain the background story (yay!), and an improved ending (woohoo!). If you read the old version and enjoyed it, I encourage you to read this one. It's different enough that it should be worthwhile, and I would greatly appreciate your feedback on the changes.

A couple of pointers for all readers:

(1) Each chapter is told from a different POV, so please pay attention to the chapter headings.
(2) Flashbacks, which start in the second chapter, are italicized.

Oh, and a note for new readers: I listened to lots of alternative metal to set the mood while writing this fic. That means this fic is very dark and very emotional. If you don't like that kind of thing, you probably won't like this fic.

Still here? Ok then! Thanks for giving this a try, and I hope you enjoy.

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Pawn Endgame | Return of the Gizka

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