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Originally Posted by Sordid Dreams View Post
Do we? Somehow I don't recall a single moment of that in the first game. What he struggles with are his loyalties, but both his loyalty to Vader and his loyalty to Juno are based on emotion. Fear, anger, and lust for power in case of Vader and passionate love in case of Juno. Both of those are dark side motives.
Well he did learn that his father was a die, so I think that in itself is a light/dark struggle. He was born from a Jedi and raised as a sith. General Kota is offering to help him become a Jedi.

They didn't really express the romance very well, until the end. And regardless, he still chose to die for the rebels instead of just go away with Juno.

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Actually I think it did. Before he went in he wasn't sure what to do. The cave reawakaned his love for Juno and his desire to protect her at all costs.
He went in the cave obsessed with finding Juno and went out obsessed with finding Juno. Nothing really changed. And for Yoda to say he needed to follow what he saw, is very unlike Yoda. Yoda urged Anakin to forget about his attachments. Why would he here encourage it, if he hoped Starkiller to be a Jedi?

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Which is why I've always maintained that Starkiller is and always has been a total darksider.
The only thing TFU2 expressions-from my point of view-is he's a teenager obsessing over his girlfriend :P it's not like he did anything "dark" related. At least Anakin murdered Jedi, Younglings & Separatist.

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