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Originally Posted by Klw View Post
But there are a lot of cloned bodies lying around. Vader could have dressed one of them up and shown it to Starkiller as false evidence, not to mention that the body is not wearing the robes Marek died in and there would have been no reason to redress the corpse.
Originally Posted by Sordid Dreams View Post
As Klw said, it shows a corpse that looks like Starkiller's. In a cloning facility full of Starkiller clones.
What reason would Vader have to lie about that being the real body? Also, I seriously don't think the fact that it has a different outfit should be taken as anything other than an oversight by the illustrators.

Actually yeah, there is, since the "is he really a clone?" aspect of the plot had been promoted pretty heavily pre-release. That's what we were told the game would be about. So hell yes is there a reason.
What would that reason be? Can you come up with any other than "because the writers told us to" before release?

I would agree, except General Kota said its impossible to clone a Jedi. And yet in the dark side ending Vader said he figured it out.
Kota doesn't mean that it's literally impossible, just that it doesn't work.

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