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Isaac looked down at the Cyan with the ball. He couldn't help but sigh as he leaned over to pick the ball up and examine it. Throwing it into the ship could cause problems if it bounced off the wrong control panels, not that Isaac wouldn't be able to fix the problem if one did occur but there had to be more of a desire there to do so. He was just here to help the new Lyna on her journey for as long as he was capable of doing so. The girl still had much to learn, and Isaac wasn't sure how much time he had before time would be up completely.

"Well guess we could see how well you catch." Isaac said looking down at Cyan.

Pulling back his left hand he lightly tossed the ball through the air for Cyan to catch. Where is finally ended up Isaac couldn't be completely sure. But the ship wasn't screaming out in bloody murder so the ball did not bounce of of anything of importance.

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