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"Not medical expert - that's why I ask you - would you agree that longterm observations of her physical stability and overall health would be best? Or do you feel she'll be fine with the 'regular' release procedures?"

Tom stared at Kallic with a confused smirk. "Not a medical expert? And all that just came from the top of your head?"

After Quirinius explained her former occupation, Tom scratched his head. "Aria T'loak was getting suspicious, and it doesn't pay to have her breathing down your neck. I'm Quirinius V'tala, by the way." She smiled by way of introduction. "I'm glad to meet all of you."

"Tom." he pointed to himself. He looked over at the Salarian and the Krogan Doctor. "You've aleady met Kallic and Chiron. And our captain; Qui'in Tuhrop."

He looked back at her. "Which by the way; you may want to speak with him in regards to your current situation and figure out what to do with you."

__________________________________________________ ___________

Tuhrop walked from the bridge, and walked passed the medical bay. He took the stairway down towards the brig - where Thiyan and the Geth resided.

It stood in the cell where it was imprisoned by a mass effect barrier. It was in the middle of a conversation with the drell. The turian joined in.

"We're heading to the Farther star cluster for temporary refuge until we figure out our next course of action." he turned to the Geth.

"I have questions for you. Its not usual to be in the presence of a geth where it can speak vocally. Or maybe our sub-dermal translation implants have gone haywire. But thats beside the point." he crossed his arms. "Are you going to pose a threat against me or my crew?

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