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Question force unleashed collectors edition

What a joke I recently purchased the or at least what I thought would be the collectors edition that I was hoping for would contain 2 disks. One with the game and the second with 3 or 4 bonus levels. The joke was on me and it turned out that their was only 1 disc. I am along with alot of people who have played the game and have stated on several forum boards that the game was way to short and am very disappointed that it appears nobody at lucasarts cares or is doing anything about it. Then they anounced that they will be releasing a endor level add on, oh please and is that the best they can do. And let just give starkiller a bunch more different costumes to wear are they serious. What lucasarts really needs to do is and I am no game designer but seriously first talk to the fans who have played the game to get a accurate list of things to improve the game and some things may not need fixing like the graphics,character control,powers,and how the character increases in level to get more abilities. They they should release a ultimate sith edition for force unleashed 2 and get it right this time.
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