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Model Viewer

Hi guys,

I've been learning to program and have put together a model viewer for Grim Fandango.

It can be downloaded from here.

It's not particularly user friendly, it won't work right out, you need to get all the files that it needs. There are instructions in the readme but here's the basics.

You need to copy the DATA .LAB files ( 0 through to 4 ) into the "gfmv" folder. Then go into the "models" subfolder and run "extractModels.exe". This will copy all the files it needs out of the .LAB files. Once this is done, you can delete the .LAB files. Then the model viewer can be started by running "gfmv.exe" from the main folder.

Right click brings up a menu to choose models.
Holding the left mouse and moving allows rotating the models. ( or 'A' and 'D' on the keyboard)
Holding the middle mouse and moving allows adjusting the distance to the model. ( or '1' and '2' on the keyboard )
'W' and 'S' shift the model up / down which allows centering different sized models in the window, or getting a closer look at them.

I've never distributed a program before and I've only been able to try this on two computers, so I'm hoping it will work for everyone.

Let me know if it works. Oh, and Happy New Year!
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