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There's no way to be exactly sure of the outcome. I've seen so many vs. discussions that I can tell you that you can put two different franchises together and discuss it, but still get nowhere. Different people have different opinions. Think of it as a balance scale. Some people favor one side more than the other. It's more of a popularity contest. I can guarantee you that which ever side is more popular will have more people supporting that side saying that they will win. That would greatly affect people's decisions which would make it impossible to look at this from a neutral point of view. Different franchises have different styles and natures than the others, some just aren't meant to be put together, so you can never tell what will happen. Seriously it's the same thing everywhere. Star Wars vs. Halo, Aliens vs. Predators, Wow vs. The Lord of the Rings, Naruto vs. Bleach, and many others. Type in any of those on Google and see how many results you'll get. It depends on which is more popular. If one side has more support, then people are more likely to find ways how that side would win. There's too many possibles because both worlds are unique in their own way. Balance is different in each franchise.
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