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Originally Posted by MajinMikeyX View Post
I like The Force Unleashed a whole lot, but when they're done with that franchise, Lucasarts better go back to finish what they started with KotOR and Battlefront. I think it's safe to assume Jedi Knight's dead, but we seriously need KotOR 3 and BF3...ToR looks alright, but it's NOT KotOR 3 like they say it is, and Renegade and Elite Squadron are not even close to BF3. ES was a slap in the face if you ask me, took the concepts of the Alpha BF3 and crapped on it to produce a glitchy, choppy mess on the PSP.
Your feelings join mine as well as many others on this forum, but I serious doubt we are going to get either of those titles. It's just been to long for me to believe anymore.

I will admit, it puzzles me that BF3 has neither been dropped nor promised. It's seems like that if they planned on making it we would know a little something else. On the other hand however I'm not sure why they haven't dropped it.

All the rumors and nothing solid in years is starting to irritate me so I'm putting it in the back of my mind for a while.


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