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And HAPPY NEW YEAR! And new thread!

Quick recap, as always.....

Ed, Crackensan, and Kinnison: Somehow, via either Black Magic, cohersion, threats, or some wierd alignment of the planets, have managed to land steady, what I assume loving relationships with the opposite sex.

Crackensan: Also landed his ass back in school. To become.. a... legal secretary. Whoot? :/

Rogue15: The one who we all have facepalmed at for over the course of these past few years has finally got his **** togeather, which a girlfriend (OMGWTF) and a job! Go you! (Finally, maybe we'll stop facepalming at your stupid antics. LOL)

The rest of us? Well, Nitro's marriage died, unfortunate and we mourn the loss, though Nitro not so much, Scar (a.k.a Kuuki) is also attending college, and Keyan is working on... stuff? Hopefully cool stuff.

May the Force be with us all, and may 2011 rock harder than ever before. 'Cause we get to turn it up to 11, bitches!

Happy New Year!

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