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Ok, I actually wanted someone other than myself or crackles to make the topic, because it will be easy to get the forum achievement for the 'hot topic'
both me and cracken have ~4+ forum achievements, we don't need more.

but here's what I want to do. As a new-years resolution I want to push the "norm's" for these XWA 1yr thread posters to at least get at the min of 4 achievements for this year.

so, I make this one recommendation:
For a new achievement: "Once in a Blue Milk Moon" should be given to a Forum Veteran Member whom has said Veteran status, but whom does post regularly (yet irregularly(SP?) (IE not a 'DEAD' member))
to be given his achievement

IE: I nominate LukA_YJK for this, he's a forum vet and a 10yr vet and still had less then 1k posts. but still is a popular users to us 'oldies'.

I think this is an achievement on itself.

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