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Last night: AMAZING!!!

This morning: Ehhh... not so much.

I'm pretty sure my car's transmission is shot. Burning. Grinding. Slipping. Not happy.

As me and the lady were leaving the hotel on the way for some breakfast, it **** the bed in a big, ugly, noisy way in the restaurant parking lot.

Spent the rest of my very tired New Year's day dealing with AAA and tow companies, and cabs to get back to where we left her car. Memorable... but not exactly the day together I had envisioned.

If it's as simple as fixing a crack, flushing, and refilling with fluid... I'll keep this car.

Anything more... especially if it runs into multiple thousands of dollars, I'm going to sadly cut this one loose and start again.

My confidence is not high...

Well... Happy New Year.

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