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Meh, since nobody is reacting to this genius tool( at least so far), I see my chance to give a bit constructive feedback this time.

At times some model parts are missing, like the bottom of GrimReaper Manny or Meche (Ruba). (maybe caused by missing map allocation? <- wild guess)

Besides that, it works good. I tried to load models with the cmd line and it works too. Though, I see the pain to find the right cmp for the 3do files.
My question would be; Is the map allocation part hard coded?(the menu list) And if yes, would it be possible to store the 3do and cmp affiliation into some kind of list.txt? This way could lead to have a full list with some trial & error at some point.

And export feature would be nice
The models itself are great. The grimF modeling team never missed to delete unnecessary polygons.

Oh and one thing. I saw that bigger objects also take more space/ are in bigger scale. Are the models in scale/ proportion to each other?
I ask because it would be really nice to make another ingame character shot like they made for the manual cover, without having to guess the right size of the model everytime.

That's it for now.
You did a great job man! Thanks again,

Win7 ultimate, x64, no issues, Radeon 4870.

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