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"What were you searching for then?" Thiyan asked. "This 'Genesis' you're looking for... what is it? Was it something we found on that freighter? Captain, do you know what it's talking about?"

"It was part of the reason why we were on Omega." Tuhrop began. "When we encountered the derelict Cerberus Freighter, we found an encrypted data file on the ship's main computer."

He activated his omni-tool around his wrist. He searched through his archives to pull up a holographic representation of the file they encountered, written in a series of characters and numbers Tuhrop could not understand - the only thing understandable was the file's title: Genesis.

"Whatever this thing is, it almost costed me my life. I was with an information broker, trying to sell this. In the midst of negotiations, a Sniper took out the broker and his guards. He's been chasing me around the markets, up until now."

Tuhrop continued to gaze at the orange holographic projection of the Genesis file. "My guess, it was an agent for Cerberus; trying to clean up their own mess."

The captain looked back at the Geth.

"So what is your interest with this? Has it got something to do with the Geth?"
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