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Originally Posted by K_Kinnison View Post
Correction, you make good "Chicago style" pizza. Which is like saying Florida makes good orange juice. If you can find someone who ships frozen pizza to Chedderland yes.

Otherwise a sweet, low tannis wine would be good.

My NFL playoff predictions:

I doubt the packers can beat the Falcons. If anyone can beat Vick and the Eagles in the playoffs it is the Packers.

IN the Bears/Saints game, saints have trouble against a quality defense, and likely will be outscored.

Bears and Falcons make it to the Championship game, but the Bears luck runs out and Falcons make it to the big dance.

For the AFC:

Colts have Addai back, and regain their swagger, and get through Pittsburg to the championship game.

BaLtimore makes it to New England, but no further.

Colts make a show of it, but fail to stop New England making *yawn* another SB appearance.

In the big dance, Falcons shoot it out with the pats, and win the game. 38-31
The Patriots' defense has improved from the early season, though, and could give Matt Ryan problems now. There's a reason the Patriots had the league-best turnover differential this season, and not all of that because our offense just never gave up the football.

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