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Originally Posted by Zerimar Nyliram View Post
That it is, and I couldn't help but notice that it retroactively feels like a reference to Yoda's and Sidious' battle in Revenge of the Sith.

The "if-it-didn't-happen-on-screen-it-didn't-happen" rule corresponds only to the films themselves (which, as I mentioned, has the unfortunate unspoken addition of "It also happened if George Lucas said so"). This isn't the same as video games. Yes, the game has been declared canon, but it wasn't the first time; almost all Star Wars games are canon. C-Canon, that is. The films are G-Canon. Even if George Lucas pointedly declares that he considers the events of a certain game, novel or comic book to have "truly occurred" within his universe, it doesn't automatically elevate that piece of media to G-Canon (because he's also made the same declaration about Knights of the Old Republic as well as the Dark Empire comic series, the latter of which he would later come to denounce).

So just because something has George Lucas' stamp of approval doesn't automatically put it on the same level of canonicity as the movies. After all, Lucas has the notorious habit of going back on his word and contradicting those stories, or even flat-out disowning them.

Further, how can The Force Unleashed possibly be G-Canon if Lucas' own animated television series, The Clone Wars, isn't even that high? (It's on it's own level: "T-Canon," which a new category and the second highest, between G and C.)

Yes, The Force Unleashed is canon, but in the same sense that the rest of the Expanded Universe is canon.

As for your points about Starkiller, they are fairly convincing, except for one small factor: the Dark Apprentice from the dark side ending and the "Distant Thunder" videos. Now, there's a perfect clone of a Force user, as Vader stated. They can't both be the real Starkiller. (And let's not get into the whole debate over whether or not the Dark Apprentice truly exists despite the non-canon ending. I've made this argument at length in the past. In short, the only logical conclusion is that he does exist.)
Before I get in argument mode, let me just say it's a pleasure debating this with you. I love debates that aren't full of attackery (new word!).

That said, I think the distinction of the Force Unleashed is the Lucas did the story for it (the first one, that is), and has even made comments to that he's toyed with the idea of a movie about Starkiller, although he later recanted - in classic Lucas fashion.

And as for Starkiller, I'm talking about the story of the game, not the game itself. There is a difference. The devs stated that the "lightside" ending is the actual ending and the darkside breaks off in a "what if" tangent. At least they said that about TFU1. I'm not sure about part 2.

My actual position that Starkiller isn't a clone isn't based on my love of the character. Like I said, I wish they had left his story alone with the first game and told someone else's tale with the second. My hope that he's real is because if he's not, it'll be the final straw that - for me -turns this story from a good story to absolute cheese. Just IMHO.
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