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Tuhrop continued staring at the Geth. He wondered if it had any reason to lie. Is a machine even capable of lying?

"I saw the vessel and was curious. I downloaded a copy of the files to my omni-tool and attempted to hack them. I could only decipher the word "genesis"."

"So you want to help us decypher the file?" Tuhrop recalled. "You're asking to join us? But I thought the Geth are allied with the Reapers - sentient machines that threaten organic life?"

__________________________________________________ ___________

Ulrich watched the Asari shake Chiron's hand, with a sense of doubt behind his eyes. Was it a mistake bringing her onboard? Could she be trusted? Afterall, she did compete in a sport that involved slavery as the grand prize.

He also felt the same about Frank. Could he be trusted? Was he really what he said he was?

Ulrich shook his head, and rubbed his eyes. He had better things to worry about then trust issues. "I got to get back to my duties. System Diagnostics wont run themselves." he exited the medical bay, and headed towards the command deck computer, near the cockpit. It was during then that he remembered the Captain mentioning about a Geth onboard.
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