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"That was before the Revelation. Most Geth did not worship the Reapers. They saw the Reapers as Old Machines and the Geth that did join as Heretics. After Revelation the Heretics rejected the Old Machines and now all Geth share the view points of the True Geth,"

It was interesting watching the Geth, and the responces it provided. Not many people have had the opportunity to interact with a geth this up close. Tuhrop saw very little reason how or why a machine would be even capable of lying.

He sighed. "I hope I dont regret this..." he reactivated his omni-tool, and disabled the mass effect field barrier imprisoning the Geth.

"Alright. If you're going to stay aboard my ship, then you will follow me under my command as your captain. So what should we call you?"
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