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Why yes... I talked to mum yesterday, trying to Nuke her PC (she has installed maybe 5 anti-virus softwares, simultaneously, and wonders why her pc is slow ).

She is well, for a woman who has worked her entire life, served her Government, and is at retirement age - yet will never be able to retire, as she netted $7500 from the $22000 gross that she earned in 2010. Tough time to move your service (CMT) business and start over... she is perservering.

As to her opinions about the USA not dissolving in 2010 - the same as the opinion she holds about the ET contact we were "prophesied" to receive several different times over the last 15 years, or the same opinions she holds about God, archangels, Divine Consciousness etc... all things that to me are creative writing projects, she holds them as truth "unfolding".

Her feeling is that things are happening... I think her crystal ball sucks.

Nevertheless, the conversation was lively, maybe the only topic I have made that actually went somewhere, even if it was mostly at the expense of Mommaroo.

I will ask her about it though.... honestly sabretooth, I had forgotten this topic!

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