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Originally Posted by Path-x View Post
This is ridiculous. Especially if you consider that a large percentage of natural breasts are relative small anyway. Perhaps they are advertising fake breasts and plastic surgery.
I know this topic has been still until recently, but I wanted to comment on it then, and now again!

I agree with your post, Path-x. What are they trying to sell us?

The ban also ignores the fact that many young women, younger than the age-of-consent, are given their breasts fully and early. Should we encourage these girls to make porn, for being so busty?

My take on the whole thing - governmental expectation that porn viewing --> pedophilia, which is just silly. Reminds me of "Reefer Madness" or "Don't ask, don't tell" - connections are being made, in this case breast endowment, to sexual proclivities, in a linear manner, that largely ignores the science of human sexuality and what we know about sexual dysfunction.

I personally only want C-cup porn, but that's me.

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