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"Hey, no problem," Quaver said with a smile. He was pleased at Xander's compliment, but trying to act like he didn't care so as to appear aloof and untouchable. He didn't quite trust his armored escort, and what if Tino and Saluna, their new companions, found out that he and Tandra really were impostors? "It's one of the few times in life where being--um--interested in warfare and combat comes in handy." He dared not say pyromaniac.

Tandra had a question, which, fortunately for Quaver, interrupted his little conversation with Xander. "So Sethos knows Lyna's been cloned, eh?" she asked. "If that's so, he must be a lot stronger in the Force as a Sith Lord than I am as a medium. Even I had trouble detecting her two presences: the cloned one and the one who had passed on. What else do you think he knows?" She bit her lip. "How close do you think he is to finding Lyna?"
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