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A sensation. Tingling at the edge of her tentacular scalp. "I know that twinge," thinks Quirinius V'tala, "and it means one thing: Enemies are nearby, most likely synthetics. I didn't spend all that time on Omega hiding out and spying on rogue drones for nothing. This time, it'll be put to use..."

"Excuse me," Quirinius said out loud, "but we could be in danger. I sense an electronic presence that is foreign to any ship that I've ever been on--not that I've ever been on too many ships, of course. I don't mean to draw my weapon, but I'm going to in order to find out what's making my nervous system become so heightened. Don't be alarmed. I--I think I'll be okay, for now, but if you want to, you can follow me and watch my back. Er, my '6'."

Quirinius drew her assault rifle and began to sneak her way down toward where she sensed the electronic signal becoming stronger and harsher.
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