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Originally Posted by D.a.r.t.h View Post
HOW CAN I PLAY MY GAMES ON FULLSCREEN?? IT HAS BLACK BARS ON BOTH SIDE OF THE SCREEN! How do I fix it? My other games have black bars too. I have a 15" laptop with ATI Mobility Radeon graphics card. And my brother can play games with his laptop on fullscreen just fine. He had this issue before too but it took like 2 minutes and then he fixed it. And I CANīT PLAY ON FULLSCREEN WTF?? And my brother had an option to make it fullscreen which I havenīt. And I think I have it I donīt know maybe itīs hidden somewhere pls, HELP!!!
Have you considered actually reading the thread you have posted in?

Look back a page, I am pretty certain acdcfanbill gave explicit and simple instructions for playing the game in a 16:9 ratio.

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