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Originally Posted by Qui-Gon Glenn View Post
Obi and Yoda needed Luke to have some physical maturity, and perhaps be grounded a little more in the mundane, so that learning the ways of the Force would be done through a more mature (if still totally whiny, weak, weasily) way.
Then why did Yoda say ""No. He is too old. Too old to begin the training"

Yoda knew, from his 1 on 1 with Palps, that his days as the Force Master were behind him - that he could not beat Palps alone anymore. Obviously then, neither could Kenobi.

In the ROTS DVD, Lucas states that the two battles at the end of the movie are battles of equals in terms of force ability. He says that Obi Wan and Anakin are equal and that Palp and Yoda are equal. Im not trying to be an ******* to you, but there seems to be alot of contradiction in Star Wars.

So, they both went into hiding, waiting for Luke and Leia; trying to live long enough to pass on to them what they had learned and give the new generation a fighting chance.
Then why would Yoda just let StarKiller go? He was certainly lead a new generation to a fighting chance
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