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Originally Posted by thelazygent View Post
Then why did Yoda say ""No. He is too old. Too old to begin the training"
Standard Jedi line for anyone coming into the Order that the Order did not bring in themselves... see TPM and Anakin. Unless you're a toddler, you are too old in Yoda's book. He is a little grumpy, after all.
Originally Posted by thelazygent View Post
In the ROTS DVD, Lucas states that the two battles at the end of the movie are battles of equals in terms of force ability. He says that Obi Wan and Anakin are equal and that Palp and Yoda are equal. Im not trying to be an ******* to you, but there seems to be alot of contradiction in Star Wars.
I'm OK if you're OK.

I watched the movies, and ignored what GL said. In the movies, Palps won a tough battle decisively, mostly on strategy (higher ground). Hold that battle in a confined arena, I might give the edge to Yoda, slightly. Bottom line, fights aren't fair, Palps won. Obi Wan was only equal to Anakin, at that time, in the sense that Obi Wan was at full mastery of his (normal) powers, while Anakin was coming into his own (extraordinary) powers, yet was not fully in dem britches yet. Place that battle a year further in the future, Kenobi has no chance. The timing was right for that battle.
Originally Posted by thelazygent View Post
Then why would Yoda just let StarKiller go? He was certainly lead a new generation to a fighting chance
Starkiller didn't go to Yoda for training... he didn't go to Yoda at all, he went to Dagobah. Yoda sensed him, had sensed him, and saw what he saw.... I don't presume to know the wisdom of an inestimable and totally imaginary mind, but I trust that Yoda knew what was going on.... Yoda always knows what is going on, like Artoo, and chose to let Starkiller follow his vision in the cave. Presumably to lead a new generation to a fighting chance.... sound familiar?

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