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Couldn't find the files on my PCs, meaning they must be on another one that's in the shed now. I'll try and dig it out over the weekend.

I did find the site at, though it's incomplete (missing some graphics).

I popped the files from back on my site though, so there is at least something now at

The URLs reference the archived version. I'm not spending time fixing when I'm hoping to recover my original files in the next 2 days.

A lot of it is obsolete now unfortunately - the whole thing with installing perl scripts and downloading 2 perl utilities to rip and insert textures is no longer necessary. A better all-in-one utility was made, but that's on the archived PC too.

So feel free to take a look through the tutorial, but I advise against starting any skinning until I find the rest of the images and the new texture extract/insert program. This makes the process way simpler and faster.
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