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Originally Posted by Quanon View Post

I thought that was rather done by surgery and Botox cures... and a big smacking load of make-up.

I read in some article, which the name of it escapes me now, that someone asked her how she kept looking so good at her age. She was quoted as saying "yoga" but I have suspicous feeling that your probably right Quanon. Or at least a little Botox is involved in her youthful appearance, if nothing else.

@Thread: I was thinking about some of the darkside characters in the Kotor games, I think most of the darksiders like Kreia are actually a lot younger than what their appearance makes us believe they are. Since they went to the darkside and have been that way for awhile, the effects of the darkside is what causes them to look like they are much older, when they are really not. The character Kreia, may actually be in her late 30's but really look like she's in her 60's or 70's.

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