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Originally Posted by Totenkopf View Post
Well, it's unlikely she'd be in her late 30s as she was a master when Revan was still a student and that was before the Mando Wars started (~15 or so years prior to TSL's events). I figure she's more like early 50s at best (figure Obi-wan was in his early fifties by SW and he looked somewhat the worse for wear).
Yep..apparently so Tot, was checking some sources on the internet and they all pretty much agreed on age of around 50 or "early 50s," like you said, including Wookieepedia. In her biographical information under her pic, they give her the birth date of (4,001 BBY) and of course her death on Malachor V as (3,951 BBY, Malachor V).

Once again, thanks for pointing that out Tot.

Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
It isnít just force sensitives that age poorly in the Star Wars galaxy. Just look at Uncle Own and Aunt Beru. People just age differently in that galaxy far far away.
Good point Mimartin, especially for those two. I'm sure the twin suns and the dry desert was murder on their skin. Sunscreen was probably a joke on that planet.

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