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Originally Posted by GTA:SWcity View Post
Hey QGG, I like furries. Does that mean I'm into bestiality?
Well, if I am to take you seriously, then I need to know what you mean by "like".

If by like you mean that you enter coitus with furry animals, then yes it means you are into bestiality, and I will pass a personal judgment on you and say you are one sick f....

If by like you mean that you like furries, and just like them, are friendly to them, care for them... then no, you are not into bestiality.

That sort of argument is just like the government position, if I understand correctly. Not being there, I do not want to say I know what is going on in Australian process.

Also, I had no idea it was bestiality... thought, where's the A?

My point in general is that because you like something doesn't mean anything necessarily, because you are into something doesn't mean necessarily that you will actually do what you are into. Because the sun rose today does not mean necessarily that it will rise again tomorrow. There are always exceptions, there are cosmic events, there are creeps.

That said, there are plenty of perfectly normal, healthy people who love their porn.

What exactly was your point, if I may?

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