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Since my last post here I read a short story collection by Chekhov (in which Misery especially stood out for me; if you don't get chills after reading that, you don't have a heart) and Gorky's My Childhood, which is a wonderful retelling of the author's early years. I'm currently reading Quarantine by Maximov, not sure what to think of it yet; it looks like a Ulysses-style novel, in that the book goes beyond the story itself.

I also listened to Nabokov's Lolita read by Jeremy Irons. I'm amazed by the beautiful prose Nabokov produced, even though English wasn't his native language. The reading by Jeremy Irons is perfect as well. Another audiobook I've just finished is The Clocks by Agatha Christie. Perhaps not one of her better works, and Poirot has a rather minor role in it (which isn't necessarily bad), but I did enjoy the chapter where Poirot talks about his book collection, gives an insight into Christie's own sources of inspiration. Oh, and I listened to Cat Among the Pigeons as well (also by Christie, and also read by Hugh Fraser). Again a story where it tells that Poirot was almost added as an afterthought, due to publisher pressure. I know he's a popular character, but these books would have worked well without him too... oh well.

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