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Originally Posted by GTA:SWcity View Post
Brianna...Since she does not join a female Exile and it is canon that exile is female...I'm not so sure what bearing of significance she has...if any.
Leland Chee has not decided precisely on this case. Some sources considered official ("The Essential Guide to the Force" and "Knights of the Republic Campaign Guide"), suggest that the Brianna character would be canonical (and thus, all that said this character is also canonical, especially about her mother, Arren Kae).

In "Holocron continuity database questions", Leland Chee does not close the door

Is it at all possible that Brianna's adventures with her could still be canon?

Leland Chee
It is relatively important because if she is 10 at the time of the trial and 25 during Kotor 2, it puts the trial of Arren Kae in 3966 BBY, which is impossible since Revan is just beginning to recruit in 3964 BBY (canon from comics "Knights of the Old Republic" - Volume 1) and did not begin to travel.

The discovery of the birth of Brianna is not the subject of the trial, it's the trigger.

The subject of the trial is the challenge of revan and all the others against the High Council. The trial is therefore necessarily after 3964 BBY.

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